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YouthTRAIN was established by Baptist Youth Ministries as a non profit, non denominational trust in 1998. It offers the following services to churches and youth leaders and aspires to the following values for each:

  • Consultancy: To use our experience and expertise to help youth ministries seek God and develop plans to make their ministries more healthy and sustainable.

  • Mentoring: To use our experience and expertise to equip youth leaders and help them grow in their effectiveness.

  • Training: To offer high quality face to face and distance training that is both practical and professional.

  • Resources: To produce high quality resources that assist churches to do leadership development and personal discipleship well.


Our consultant Murray Brown has been in paid vocational youth ministry since 1986. He originally served as  youth pastor in a local church for 10 years, before taking on a national denominational role overseeing leadership training and development. He has served as director of YouthTRAIN since its inception in 1998, working with churches of all denominations. He lectured in youth ministry at Carey Baptist College from 2000 to 2012 as well as being a visiting lecturer at Laidlaw College NZ and Morling College, Sydney. He has also run many youth ministry seminars throughout NZ and in Australia and Asia over the past twenty years.


In 2013 he moved back into a youth pastor role in his local church for five years where many of the concepts behind consultancy and coaching could be successfully tested and refined. He currently serves as the National Youth Enabler for the Christian Community Churches of NZ

Through these various roles he has developed a wide understanding of youth ministry of various sizes and in various contexts. Coupled with his vast experience in training and developing resources leave him ideally placed to assist churches and youth leaders with the full range of services we offer.

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