Online training allows leaders to training in their own time and their own pace using their phones or devices. Listed below are other features and benefits of online training with YOUTHTRAIN.

  • They can log off at any time and when they log back on they are taken straight back to where they left off.

  • The course contains a number of quizzes for team members to complete as they work through the material. 

  • Team leaders can request regular updates of each team members progress. They provide tangible evidence that your leaders have received the necessary training should questions ever be asked.

  • Each person enrolled in the course can download a written manual of all the content covered. This manual contains additional questions and activities leadership teams can work on together to further reinforce what leaders have learned.

  • To enrol yourself or your team, use the links below to send us names and emails and we do the rest, sending out links to get them started. We also invoice your church.

  • Cost for each course is just NZ$10*.

  • Team leader can enrol at no cost and complete the course before deciding to sign up their team.

(*All prices are exclusive of 15% GST.)

We offer two courses as follows:


Part 1: Safe Practice

  • The Importance of Duty of Care

  • Categories of Harm

  • Managing General Risks: People

  • Managing General Risks: Equipment

  • Managing General Risks: Environment

  • Managing Specific Risks: People

  • Managing Specific Risks: Equipment

  • Managing Specific Risks: Environment

Part 2: Ethical Practice

  • Character

  • Compliance

  • Self Care

  • Love

  • Humility

  • Innocence

  • Parental Honour

  • Excellence

  • Unity

  • Loyalty


Part 1: The Value of Small Groups

  • What is a small group?

  • The Biblical basis for small groups

  • A place to belong

  • People to belong to


Part 2: Theories of Learning

  • Learning styles

  • Surface and deep learning

  • Motivation to learn

  • Jesus centred Bible study


Part 3: Preparing Good Discussion Questions

  • Aim

  • Hook

  • Book

  • Look

  • Took


Part 4: Assessing Effectiveness

  • Interaction

  • Direction

  • Involvement

  • Vulnerability

  • Encounter


Part 5: Small Group Dynamics

  • Setting

  • Discipline

  • Growing and dividing


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