The Certificate in Youth Ministry (non accredited) is a correspondence course which offers an opportunity for youth leaders to gain valuable youth leadership skills without the pressure of semesters, due dates and long essay assignments. It is entirely flexible, allowing students to work at their own pace and balance study with ministry and family responsibilities. There are eight modules in the course and student can do just one or all eight.‚Äč

Cost is NZ$75* per module. The full cost of all eight modules is NZ$600* but this reduced by one third if all eight are paid for at once making the total for all eight modules just NZ$400*. Manuals are sent by email as are workbooks which are completed and returned for marking.

(*All prices are exclusive of 15% GST.)

The eight modules can be done in any order and are as follows:


  1. Characteristics of Christian Leadership

  2. The Call to Christian Leadership

  3. The Motivation for Christian Leadership

  4. The Requirements for Christian Leadership

  5. The Dynamics of Christian Leadership

  6. The Inward Responsibilities of Christian Leadership

  7. The Outward Responsibilities of Christian Leadership

  8. Christian Leadership and Team Ministry

  9. The Trials of Christian Leadership

  10. Reproducing Christian Leaders


  1. Time Management

  2. Financial Management

  3. Planning

  4. Delegation

  5. Motivation

  6. Marketing

  7. Decision Making

  8. Change Management

  9. Conflict Resolution

  10. Discipline 


  1. A Biblical Philosophy of Ministry in the Local Church

  2. A Biblical Philosophy of Youth Ministry

  3. The Elements of Youth Ministry Design

  4. Models of Youth Ministry 1.

  5. Models of Youth Ministry 2.

  6. A Balanced Design

  7. Designing a Procedure

  8. Group Size and Youth Ministry Design

  9. Design Considerations

  10. Design Application


  1. Designing a Youth Ministry Programme

  2. Bible Study

  3. Prayer

  4. Worship

  5. Evangelism

  6. Service and Mission

  7. Recreation

  8. Camping

  9. Creative Ministry

  10. Family Ministry


  1. Physical and Sexual Development

  2. Emotional Development

  3. Social Development

  4. Cognitive and Moral Development

  5. Faith Development

  6. The Dynamics of Adolescence

  7. Adolescent Personality

  8. Adolescent Adjustment

  9. Principles for Healthy Families

  10. Family Dynamics


  1. Introduction to Adolescent Pastoral Care

  2. The Requirements of Effective Pastoral Care

  3. The Skills of Effective Pastoral Care

  4. Strategies for Effective Pastoral Care I.

  5. Strategies for Effective Pastoral Care II.

  6. A Biblical Model of Helping

  7. The Process of Helping People: Stage I. (Part 1)

  8. The Process of Helping People: Stage I. (Part 2)

  9. The Process of Helping People: Stage II.

  10. The Process of Helping People: Stage III.  


  1. Understanding Culture

  2. Examining Christian Culture

  3. Postmodernism

  4. Secularism

  5. Spirituality

  6. Self-ism

  7. Youth Culture

  8. Mission to Young People

  9. Trends in Youth Culture

  10. Indigenous Culture 


  1. The Law of the Spirit

  2. The Law of the Speaker

  3. The Law of the Student

  4. The Law of the Subject

  5. The Law of Style

  6. The Law of Structure

  7. The Law of Substance

  8. The Law of Stickability

  9. The Law of Setting

  10. The Law of Speech


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