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Coaching is a way to benefit from the experience of someone who has been doing youth ministry for a lot longer than ourselves. Our coaching programme covers six areas:

  • Essential ministry skills: Twenty skills a youth pastor needs to be able to execute effectively.

  • Characteristics of an Effective Youth Ministry: Twenty-eight strategic assets that youth ministries need to develop in order to be healthy and sustainable.

  • Insight and Understanding: Ten areas that youth pastors need to develop insight and understanding in.

  • Decision making: Discussion around decisions the youth pastors needs to make in relation to programmes, people and personal issues.

  • Ministry Reflection: Reflection and analysis of experiences in ministry leading to helpful insight and understanding.

  • Personal Development: Conversation around the leader's own personal growth and development, in relation to ministry, professional development, spirituality and/or their personal life.


The coaching is directed by the one being coached. They choose the topics to discuss in each session and submit these to their coach prior to meeting who in turn emails any relevant pre-session reading. This means that both the youth pastor and coach are well prepared and able to make maximum use of their time together.

If you're interested in coaching in relation to the above, or in any other areas, contact us - there is no cost for an initial conversation. If you choose to go ahead, the cost of coaching is NZ$100/hour (plus GST if applicable) payable after each session.


Coaching can take place online via skype or in person in which case any associated costs (travel, accommodation) are additional and must be met by your church.

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