Youth ministry coaching is a way to benefit from the experience of someone who has been doing youth ministry for a lot longer than us. The coaching we provide is characterised by the following:

Christ-Centred: Christ, the Head of the Church, is invited into the coaching conversation and we both actively seek to listen to Him during coaching.

Non-Directive: We do not tell you what to do. Instead, we ask questions and offer insights for you to consider.

Youth leader-driven: You set the agenda for each meeting. While we ask you to complete a session planner prior to meeting, you are free to pursue "side-tracks" if they are helpful to you.

Convenient: Youth ministry coaching can take place online or in person at a time and frequency that suits you.

Comprehensive: Our youth ministry coaching programme covers six areas - discuss as many or as few as you wish:

  • Essential ministry skills: Twenty-two skills a youth pastor needs to be able to execute effectively.

  • Characteristics of an Effective Youth Ministry: Twenty-eight strategic assets that youth ministries need to develop in order to be healthy and sustainable.

  • Insight and Understanding: Ten areas that youth pastors need to develop insight and understanding in.

  • Decision making: Discussion around decisions the youth leaders needs to make in relation to programmes, people and personal issues.

  • Ministry Reflection: Reflection and analysis of experiences in ministry leading to helpful insight and understanding.

  • Personal Development: Conversation around the leader's own personal growth and development, in relation to ministry, professional development, spirituality and/or their personal life.

If you are interested in coaching, download a copy of our coaching manual and contact us - there is no cost for an initial conversation. If you choose to go ahead, the cost of coaching is NZ$75/hour for paid youth ministry staff and is negotiable for volunteer team leaders. 

(*Prices are negotiable where cost is prohibitive and are exclusive of 15% GST.)


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