P4: Youth Ministry Training Booklets



This set of four booklets teach youth leaders the essential insights and skills they need to know in order to be effective: The booklets are as follows:

1.   Personal – Growing in Leadership (The Call to Leadership; The Motivation for Leadership;The Responsibilities of a Leader; The Trials of Leadership; Leadership and Teams)

2.   Programming –Skills for Leadership (How to Run Programmes; How to Prepare Bible Studies; How to Lead Bible Studies; How to Preach; How to Teach)

3.   Planning – Effective Youth Ministry (Youth Culture; Purposes and Practices; Programming; Elements; Pastoral Care Systems; Setting Direction)

4.   Pastoral – Caring for Young People (Adolescent Development; Adolescent Needs; Listening Skills; Resolving Skills; Discipline)

Each booklet contains a series of clear and simple points illustrated by the author’s own real-life experiences, along with quotes, checklists and questions for reflection and discussion.

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