Time in Timothy: Reflections on 1 Timothy for Young Leaders



What do I do when I am doubting my call to leadership? How do I cope with feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness? How do I develop a devotional life that helps me stay close to God? How do I conduct myself in a manner that is honouring to God and what attitudes do I need to cultivate in my life to be an effective leader?

These are all questions common to young leaders today and were likely questions asked by Timothy, a young leader who Paul, an older leader, was mentoring. In his first letter to Timothy, Paul addressed these questions and more, and God saw to it that his advice was preserved for us in the pages of the Bible.

This book is for young leaders just starting out on their leadership journey . It is a verse by verse reflection on the book of 1 Timothy with insights, questions, and applications for them to consider and put into practice. It also contains an index of common issues and questions that young leaders face that are similar to those listed above.

There are several ways young leaders can use this book. They can read it in one sitting if you want an overview or, ideally perhaps, they can read one chapter a day or one chapter a week as a devotional book. Doing so allows them time to reflect on what they read and put it into practice.

They can work through the book alone or, ideally again, do so with a group of other young leaders with perhaps a more experienced leader or pastor to guide them. This allows them to learn from the experiences of their peers and the experience of an older leader.

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