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Supervision is an opportunity to reflect on one's life and ministry with the help of someone who can supply objectivity and wisdom and who knows the right questions to ask to help you uncover valuable insights. Supervision may cover a number of areas:

  • Ministry: Covering areas such as  dilemmas being faced, mistakes made, the impact of ministry on one's personal life and vice versa

  • Relationship: Covering relationship issues with church staff, youth leaders, parents, young people, etc.

  • Spiritual: Covering areas such as the impact of one's faith on ministry and vice versa, spiritual life and growth, God's guidance, etc.

If you're interested in supervision, and churches generally require staff to undergo supervision, then contact us - there is no cost for an initial conversation. If you choose to go ahead, the cost of supervision is NZ$100/hour (plus GST if applicable) payable after each session. Supervision can take place online via skype or in person in which case any associated costs (travel, accommodation) are additional and must be met by your church.

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