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Small Groups is a course for volunteer and paid leaders that covers the essentials of leading small groups in youth ministry. Meeting together with young people to discuss Scripture and life is an integral part of running an effective youth ministry. Leaders should undergo this training regularly – at least every two years.


Cost for the course is just NZ$10 per person plus 15% GST. Enrol your team below and we will provide you with a written record of their progress.


Team leaders may enrol at no charge.


If you are a key leader and want to check out this course with a view to having your team sign up you can download a pdf copy of the content here.


The Small Groups course covers the following content:


Part 1: The Value of Small Groups

  • What is a small group?

  • The Biblical basis for small groups

  • A place to belong

  • People to belong to


Part 2: Theories of Learning

  • Learning styles

  • Surface and deep learning

  • Motivation to learn

  • Jesus centred Bible study


Part 3: Preparing Good Discussion Questions

  • Aim

  • Hook

  • Book

  • Look

  • Took


Part 4: Assessing Effectiveness

  • Interaction

  • Depth

  • Involvement

  • Vulnerability

  • Encounter


Part 5: Small Group Dynamics

  • Setting

  • Discipline

  • Growing and dividing


>>Download a copy of the sample manual with full course notes

>> Enrol for this course as a team leader (No charge)


>> Enrol your leadership team on this course ($10+GST per person)

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