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Training gives a youth leader information, but coaching helps them to apply it. Sports people know the value of an experienced coach and ministry need be no different. We can offer youth ministry coaching based on many years of experience that can last for the long term or simply a few sessions together. We can meet either face to face or via skype.


Increasingly churches require that staff have supervision in order to safeguard their emotional and spiritual health. Supervision is best done by someone outside the church whom they can meet with regularly and talk through the personal and ministry issues they are facing. We provide such supervision and can meet either face to face or via skype.


At times in youth ministry we can feel somewhat alone and struggle to have our churches understand us and the ministry we're engaged in. During these times we can stand alongside you acting as an advocate for your cause and helping others see what it is you are trying to communicate and the validity of your arguments.

Ask Us a Question

Do you have a youth ministry question on your mind you'd like some feedback on without necessarily wanting to enter into full on mentoring. That's OK - we'll offer you some feedback for nothing. Ask us your question below.

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