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Full consultancy is a process through which together we examine your overall youth ministry and develop  plans to become more effective. It involves three phases:

  • Collect: We help you develop a plan to gather together information relevant to the issue through surveys, meetings and conversations.

  • Analyse: We assess the information gathered and produce a report, analysing the issue and outlining options for addressing it

  • Strategise: We complete the process by helping you develop a plan to face and overcome the issue.

If you're interested in full consultancy, contact us - there is no cost for an initial conversation. If you choose to go ahead, the cost of specific consultancy is NZ$50 (plus GST if applicable) per hour payable on completion of the consultancy. The process can be completed online via skype and email. If you desire face to face meetings any associated costs (travel, accommodation) must be met by your church.

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