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Full Consultancy

Healthy and sustainable youth ministries don't just happen by accident. They have in common certain traits or assets that are instrumental in their effectiveness. Our full consultation involves assessing your youth ministry alongside 28 assets and using these comparisons to develop a strategic plan leading to greater effectiveness.

Specific Consultancy

At times specific issues come up in youth ministry and how best to respond to these is not always apparent. We are able to offer a fresh set of eyes and years of experience to guide you in making the right decision saving you frustration and avoiding damage to the effectiveness of your ministry.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can do irreparable damage to churches and youth ministries if not handled well. At times people's own strongly held convictions can get in the way of resolution and so having an outside person with experience but no agenda can be of immense help in having parties hear each other and come to a place of mutual agreement.


Mistakes around staffing can have a disastrous effect on a youth ministry yet these are often easily avoided with experienced help. We are able to help you with a wide range of matters related to staffing such as appointments, job descriptions, performance appraisals and conflict resolution.

Ask Us a Question...

Do you have a youth ministry question on your mind you'd like some feedback on without necessarily wanting to enter into a full on consultation. That's OK - we'll offer you some feedback for nothing. Ask us your question below.

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