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Do you have a passion for young people and want to understand them better? Are you an intern or volunteer youth leader wanting to develop your youth leadership skills and be more effective in your ministry to young people? The Certificate in Youth Ministry (non NCEA) is a correspondence course which offers an opportunity for youth leaders to gain valuable youth leadership skills without the pressure of semesters, due dates and long essay assignments. It is entirely flexible, allowing students to work at their own pace and balance study with ministry and family responsibilities. There are eight papers in the course and student can do just one or all eight.

Cost is NZ$75 per paper. The full cost of all eight units is NZ$600 but this reduced by one third if all eight are paid for at once making the total for all eight papers just NZ$400. Postage is free within New Zealand.  and $7.50 per paper for overseas enrolments. Alternatively, you can forgo the cost of postage if we email you the material.

The eight modules can be done in any order and are as follows:

LEADING: Introduction to Christian Leadership

Christian Leadership can be tough at times, but hugely rewarding. This paper looks at what being a Christian leader is all about, including the characteristics, call, motivation, requirements, responsibilities, skills, style and trials of the effective Christian Leader.


MANAGING: Personal and People Management Skills for Youth Ministry

Management can become a real pitfall to a ministry if not done well. This paper looks at the dynamics and requirements of management in ministry and covers time and financial management, marketing, planning, delegation, motivation, decision making, conflict resolution, change management and discipline.


DESIGNING Guidelines for Developing a Balanced and Effective Youth Ministry

What is at the heart of a youth ministry? Why do we do what we do? The Designing paper answers these questions and more. Look at the aspects of a Biblical and appropriate youth ministry design including philosophy, purpose, models of ministry, implementation, and integration with the wider church.

PROGRAMMING: Ideas for Effective Programming

Ever felt you lacked ideas to develop your own youth programme? Here’s your chance to learn some! In this paper, you will discover some of the principles and practices of the most effective youth programme elements such as Bible study, prayer, worship, camping, evangelism, mission, and recreation.


UNDERSTANDING: Understanding Adolescent Development, Needs and Dynamics

Adolescence is full of ups and downs — reflect on your own experiences as you learn the developmental characteristics of adolescence such as physical, sexual, emotional, social, intellectual, moral and spiritual. Understand the impact of factors affecting behaviour such as personality, environment and the family.


CARING: Pastoral Care Skills for Helping Adolescents

There are many ways we can be there for the young people we lead.  Learn various principles and practices of pastoral care to adolescents including personal qualities, listening skills, building helping relationships, common pastoral care issues, handling crises, confidentiality and referral.


CONNECTING: Understanding Youth Culture and Its Implications for Ministry

Explore the world of youth culture and all the various worldviews impacting young people today.  Look at the cultural characteristics and trends including historical trends,  environment, worldview, behaviour,  implications and responses.


COMMUNICATING: Communication Principles and Practices in Youth Ministry

Communication is essential to everything we do,  learn principles and practices of effective communication through preaching, training and small group leadership.  Gain an understanding  of the principles of teaching, learning, preparation, presentation, group dynamics and learning styles.


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