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Advocacy is a means by which you can have someone to stand alongside you, assisting and advising you in communicating with church leadership and the wider church.  Advocacy may cover a number of areas:

  • Conflict resolution: We can mediate, helping both parties hear each other and work toward an amicable agreement

  • Vision and programming: We can help you explain and justify changes you want to make in your approach to youth ministry.

  • Employment issues: We can assist you when disagreements arise over issues such as job descriptions, expectations, remuneration, etc.

If you're interested in advocacy, then contact us - there is no cost for an initial conversation. If you choose to go ahead, the cost of advocacy is NZ$50/hour (plus GST) payable after the completion of the advocacy process. (If your church is not agreeable to us offering advocacy and we feel advocacy is justified, we may choose to waive this fee so that you don't need to pay it yourself). Advocacy can take place online via skype or in person in which case any associated costs (travel, accommodation) are additional and must be met by your church.

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